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One of the main issues with Rehab is that you are being taken away from your normal environment into a setting that provides an unrealistic situation in which to tackle your addiction. With RehabOnline, you are learning and practising the skills you need and putting them into practice through the program. This generates much more relevant feedback and therefore results.

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You may not simply have the opportunity to take months out of your life in which to attend a rehab. With RehabOnline, whilst we do require a daily time commitment, you can, to a large degree, continue to maintain any commitments you may have at home.



Research has shown that one group of people who find it most difficult to attend rehab are those who have children to whom they need to be the primary caregiver. With RehabOnline, you get all the clinical components of an inpatient rehab centre and still be able to fulfill your role to your children.



For many people, the cost of inpatient addiction treatment can be prohibitively expensive. With RehabOnline, we don’t have to charge you for accommodation, facilities, meals, transport and the like. With us, you simply pay for what you are in most need of, expert addiction treatment that achieves results.



Unfortunately, there is a gap in addiction treatment options with inpatient treatment as the most intensive, and then a large gap down to weekly or bi-weekly one on one counselling. Many people fall in between this gap and need a solution that provides a higher level of intensity than simple counselling and yet still affords clients the ability to continue their lives. RehabOnline aims to fill that gap.

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