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Information & Advice

RehabOnline aim to provide the most suitable service for each enquiry based on the information provided. Reliance upon such information from RehabOnline or any affiliate service providers rests with the user at the user’s own risk. Communication between RehabOnline and a user of the service may be recorded to provide evidence of a business transaction or for training purposes where consent has been given to do so.

Our Treatment Services

RehabOnline provides treatment online through counsellors and therapists. Any service offered is based on the information provided and the circumstances of those seeking treatment. We cannot guarantee that treatment will be successful or that you will not relapse in the future. Once arrangements have been made for entering a treatment service you may have a statutory right to cancel by notice to RehabOnline prior to treatment commencing.

Intellectual Property

The trademarks including logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts featured on this website and on our platforms for the provision of our services are the intellectual property of RehabOnline and may not be used, reproduced, or represented without the express permission of RehabOnline.


The rights of use granted by RehabOnline to our members are strictly limited to accessing, downloading, printing and reproduction for the scope of and for the duration of the users membership. Any other use by the member or associated persons is prohibited without the express authorisation of RehabOnline.


It is prohibited to modify, copy, reproduce, transmit, or exploit for commercial gain and/or distribution in any form whatsoever so much as the law allows.

Member Obligations

As a RehabOnline user you agree not to breach any applicable rules, law, regulation or code of conduct. This includes to make comments, broadcast or publish in any form whatsoever RehabOnline or member content or any other content that infringes the rights of others or that is defamatory, obscene, offensive, incites violence, or is in any way racist or xenophobic.

Online Service Account Registration

To use RehabOnline services, you must provide current and accurate, registration information and update that information if it changes.  You should not share or transfer your password or any account information with anyone else. You are entitled to access our online account services only for lawful and authorised purposes using your user name and password. RehabOnline may cancel or suspend your access to our online services and/or your account if you do not comply with these Terms of Service.

Refund Policy

RehabOnline offer a refund if you are not satisfied with the program in the first 7 days of commencing treatment. Refund requests should be sent to info [@] rehabonline.org.


RehabOnline cannot give you legal advice or medical advice outside the remit of addictive disorders and their treatment. If you require medical advice regarding other health complaints RehabOnline’s duty of care is limited to signposting you to the relevant specialists. If you need legal advice you should consult a qualified professional. The information and advice we give you is based on what you have asked or told us and the most current information we have available. RehabOnline is not responsible for any action taken following advice given to the maximum that the law allows.


Any additional information you give us will only be used for internal training and improving our service. It will not be passed to other organisations or third parties that are not directly connected with RehabOnline without your consent. You do not need to give us any personal information about yourself that would identify you. Any information you do give or receive is confidential. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Changes to Terms of Service

RehabOnline reserves the right to modify this website and the Terms of Service at any time. If this happens, we will change the Terms of Service on the website. If you do not wish to be governed by the revised Terms of Service, please stop using the website and any associated services.

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