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The team at RehabOnline have decades of experience in the delivery of addiction and behavioural healthcare services as well as the technical skills to make RehabOnline as close to going to rehab as possible.

Alastair Mordey

Program Director

Alastair is a well-known speaker and writer on addiction issues, featuring regularly on the international conference circuit and in the media. He was the chief clinical architect of The Cabin Group, based in Thailand, which went on to become the largest residential addiction treatment provider outside the US. As owner and director of an international behavioural healthcare group, Alastair consistently found solutions and innovated in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse, overeating, gambling, smoking cessation, device management, personality disorders, stress, anxiety and depression.

Simon Lewis

Operations Manager

Simon co-founded The Cabin Addiction Services Group and grew it to become the largest addiction and behavioural healthcare group in Asia with a 120 bed Primary Facility, a 10 bed hospital, a 20 bed Secondary Facility and outpatient clinics globally. These provided comprehensive behavioural healthcare treatment including general counselling, mental health assessment, and treatment for other compulsive disorders such as gambling, in addition to substance abuse treatment. It also founded and built two other treatment brands, The Edge for Youth Treatment and Resort 12 specifically for the LGBT community.

Sid Bouziane 02

Sid Bouziane

Technical Director

Sid Bouziane provides the technical know how as a specialist in technology, insurance and healthcare and is familiar with overseeing strategy and operations implementation in healthcare settings like governments, hospitals and insurance. Sid worked at AXA as CIO heading the IT department where he has successfully implemented disease management programmes, claims adjudication tools, cloud-oriented applications, and virtual desktop solutions. Before this role, he served as Senior Information Officer at the strategy department of the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi where he has been leading the technical implementation of the E-claim and E-health platform for the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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