Online Rehab Program


Our Online Rehab Program is our highest level of care. 30 and 60 day programs contain the following elements:

  • 5 group process sessions per week
  • 2 individual counselling & keywork sessions per week
  • 2 psycho-educational videos per week
  • 2 guided meditations per week
  • Handbook with 4 psycho-educational modules
  • Weekly feedback to family members
  • Discharge summary
  • Monitoring of sleep hygiene

Our intensive Online Rehab Program is designed in exactly the same way that a 30 day residential treatment program would be. This program has been tried and tested in rehabs for 10 years, and includes the following essential components of any addiction, substance abuse, or substance dependence treatment program, which are broken down into psycho-educational and practical elements.

  • What is addiction
  • Creating a timeline of your addiction
  • How to avoid cues and triggers
  • Learning boundaries
  • Understanding denial patterns
  • Understanding recovery support groups
  • Accessing recovery groups action plan
  • Understanding adverse childhood experiences
  • Creating a recovery plan
  • Creating SMART Goals
  • Learning basic CBT (The ABC’s of negative thinking)

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